Friday, September 29, 2006

what art show?

I got sidetracked for a day or so and forgot all about it.

Or, more to the point, there was an article in the back of the local weekly newspaper here, and then an announcement on the radio, and then I had to stop thinking about it altogether lest I throw up.

Now it's in the daily paper this morning. And I am so not looking at it. Because. I just can't.

It looks like I'm going to start writing for another site soon. In addition to this, my own blog, of course. It's a site with a journalistic bent, with a terrific, highly talented staff -- most of whom I either know, or know of, from my own days at the newspaper.

What I'm saying is: it's a fine compliment to be invited on board, and I'm most appreciative. I'm also grateful that I haven't been lost and forgotten in my seven dramatic years of seclusion, in which I took monastic oaths, vows of silence, cut my hair and took the veils, or similar. Whew.

I am working on my first column.

I'm very happy about the chance to work again with the people I so enjoyed working with before. It was one of the deepest griefs in getting out of the business, for me --- losing touch with co-workers who had come to be treasured friends. By some fell swoop, a bit of that gift has been restored.

And some of the friends I've had all along -- Melonie, Laura, Heather -- are going to be here this weekend for the art show!

Now I go back to solving the not insurmountable task of framing a 44" x 46" painting. (One thing at a time, you and me, Cristy Lane, all the way.)