Sunday, August 20, 2006


Manipulated photograph on scrapbook paper.

A photograph from my childhood. I'm the redheaded kid on the right, the one with the skinny arms. I had a Buster Brown haircut. My elbows were the widest parts of my body.

It's as if I am a Beatles song.

all my body fat was gone away.
now it looks as though it's here to stay.
oh, i believe

Tomorrow I'm going to be elsewhere, off in a big heart clinic doing my best impression of a lab rat.

Today I'm pretending tomorrow isn't, well, tomorrow.

I do this by sorting and filing and generally cleaning areas of the house that needed no immediate attention whatsoever. I actually threw out three quarters of my files from my newspaper reporter days. These were court and criminal files, nothing of interest, very depressing. I am happy to report, for my own records at least, that I have expunged everyone. Congratulations.

I had a terrible dream last night about protecting my children from a pride of lions in the yard. The lions were at the door and I told the children to go upstairs and lock the door behind them; then I leaned against the outside door as hard as I could, convinced I could be strong enough to keep all of them out.

I have no idea what that means.