Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sharon will be back soon, I promise. I spoke to her today. I think she was either:
  1. Dogsledding across Antarctica
  2. Parasailing in Mexico
  3. Backpacking across Europe, or
  4. Sleeping on her couch
I dunno. You decide.

I love Sharon's work. It's whimsical and beautiful. She's told me before that she always tries to paint from a happy place inside her heart. She says she wouldn't want to hang or sell a picture that makes her stomach hurt to look at it. She wants her work to make people feel good. I think Sharon has a way of painting and drawing that is uniquely her. I posted one of her drawings on my blog once and a commenter said, "I knew that was an Adventures of a Domestic Engineer drawing even before I read the post." I consider that to be a high compliment. To be able to take in her surroundings and render an image onto a canvas that is so distinct that it is obvious she is the artist; well, it's just amazing.

I love this painting that she posted the other day.

It started out like this:

I'll be glad when Sharon starts posting again so that we can all appreciate both her exquisite artistic talent and her remarkable ability to invoke emotion with her writing. I know you all miss her too.