Tuesday, January 02, 2007

leftover Christmas pix

The cover of my first album.

And here, I was just playing around with the special effects on the camera I'm still learning how to use.

I'm at my desk, transcribing meeting notes this morning. They're two weeks late and I'm still not finished with them. I just put them away somewhere and today they floated rudely back into the parameters of my consciousness. Hello. Remember us? We're still due.


The kids went back to school today. Not gladly, not willingly, but they went. Suprisingly enough, after nearly three weeks at home with them (they were sick the week before Christmas), I felt a pang of sorrow watching them go.

When I'd safely deposited the youngest at his preschool I walked away feeling a touch of the melancholy -- with a sense of something missing. Even though he'd barred the gate just ten minutes before, when I had to almost drag him out the back door of the house to get him into the car. Even though he'd kept swatting me about the head with his mittened hands, singing, "Silly, silly, you're a sillyhead."

They (often) make me nuts. I had to go into whole other rooms sometimes over the vacation to get five minutes breathing space from them. And then I miss them like anything when they're gone. They're so lively and so funny.

I know probably every parent feels that about their offspring. But I just admire them so much. Their cleverness, their strong wills, their keen sense of justice. Sometimes I scold them and then I have to leave the room so I can laugh -- they can amuse me so much, even in their mischief.

Well, this isn't getting my work done.

I was just feeling a rush of gratitude for them. I had to write it out.

Now, back to work.