Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear Santa

Real letters to Santa from second-graders:

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is Baby Alive. You get to feed her and she make a stinky.
You get to change her diper.

Your friend,

Dear Santa,

I love you.
I will not hate you.
You route.
I lick you.
You are a good friend.
Kole hates you.
But I don't will you bring me a Xbox 360 will you bring me a 360 troller


Dear Santa,

I wish Cristmas Eve would never stop. I wish for Cristmas Eve I get a happy family.


Dear Santa,

I'm into 12 dancing princess and 1 of the babys that poops and peas. and Drinks milk and eats for relay, and a rubber Mom 6 feet tall.

Your friend,

There were more in the paper, but those stood out the most for me. Funny what kids ask for: one kid asked for a door. It seems to me -- I don't know any of these kids, so I can't back it up -- that the ones who ask for a boatload of things probably have an abundance of possessions to begin with.

I think it's the ones who don't have much: who don't ask for much.

It's as if they've already learned to keep their expectations low. Or maybe it's because they'd just be content with so little.

That kid who just wants a happy family -- that breaks my heart.