Sunday, September 03, 2006

a red rose

Some time ago, I took this photograph of a red rose on a trellis.

Today I made a painting from that photograph.

The painting is the truer interpretation of what I really saw when I looked at that rose. That one spot of glowing crimson in a net of verdant greens. Roses tend to grow in clumps...I liked it that this one stood off alone. Its singular and stunning beauty felt deserved.

I also found this ArtPad site tonight, a discovery that has delighted us all. The kids have been taking turns on it for hours, drawing and painting and even framing it to hang in the "gallery" when they're finished.

This was my sketch. I could have added paint, but decided not to. I like how images just emerge when I'm mousing over the canvas. I didn't plan on drawing a sleepy-eyed girl who looks like she's lifting her head from a pillow, but she showed up anyway. I like that.

Take a whack at it. It's incredibly fun.