Sunday, September 10, 2006

controversial! without even trying!

As stultifying as it may seem, I like to think that, most of the time, I am more or less a G-rated blogger. You could almost say that if blogging were music, I'd be R.E.M.; bland, vague, mostly incomprehensible.

That in mind, it's terrifically funny to me that one of my first drawing videos on You Tube got flagged as objectionable. Heather saw it first; she passed it on to me.

If you click on the video after it starts playing, it takes you to a page that says:

This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube's user community.

Hey. I've been censored!

But what was it, pray tell, that raised the hackles? I think it was the prominent product placement of a box of Nilla Wafers. Or that the little girl is holding a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are quite iffy. Georgia O'Keeffe taught us this.

Because I like to push the envelope, I'm putting it up one more time.