Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well, okay! That was my short story. Actually I have a series of short stories that I was thinking about uploading into a book and selling through my CafePress store.

I liked that particular one because of the layers in it. It wasn't supposed to be just about a little girl getting eyeglasses after her parents quarrel. But because I prefer to imply rather than just say, after I finish writing something like this I have to quiz myself with the kind of little questions that I used to see in my high school literature texts. Just to make sure I haven't skipped over anything.
  • What kind of marriage do Katy's parents seem to have?
  • Why would the opthamologist accuse Katy, at first, of lying in order to get her glasses? Does it seem to you that Katy is the kind of little girl who wants to get more attention?
  • How would the story have been changed if Katy came home and the remnants of the quarrel were still visible? How do you think Katy would have reacted? Do you get the feeling that Katy enjoys being the one responsible for making peace?
I've come to the decision that it's better to put together the short stories I've got, as is, without trying to weave them further into one cohesive plot.