Monday, July 24, 2006

fast and left of center

My dreams keep getting stranger and stranger. I dreamed that I was driving a car, but not very well. I couldn't make turns or navigate in general without missing the mark entirely and running over the curbs, driving up on banks, etc. I couldn't even turn the car around to rectify my errors, not that this stopped me from tearing around in a hurry anyway (not that this never happens in real life).

So I looked up Cars in the online dream dictionary:

The car in your dreams stands for your current actions. The movement of the car is the way you are trying to make progress in life and the extent to which you feel in control.
Also, the way you drive a car in the dream reflects the style you are using to go after what you want.

Great, that's very encouraging, thanks.

Kamikaze, blind, fast and left of center. That approach works as well as any, I suppose.