Saturday, January 27, 2007

Intentalo again within a little while.

Blogger finally did it. We were sitting around wondering when they'd arm-wrestle us into going to the New Version, and it seems they've finally done it.

I have another blog on Wordpress, and I may be migrating to it very, very soon. Just because. That'll show them.

You don't know the pain I've felt this evening transferring Adventures of a Domestic Engineer to the new Blogger version. This is because my Mozilla browser is out of whack and insists on reading all Blogger pages in Spanish. I haven't done anything about it because I'm like that. I sort of get used to it and try to convince myself it's a fun way to learn a new language.

It's not so cute when you're being strong-armed into changing your entire modus operandi, I promise you. When you think you've signed into Blogger using your new Google account and it tells you instead:

En estos momentos se está migrando este blog.
Se está migrando este blog a la nueva versión de Blogger. Inténtalo de nuevo dentro de un momento.

Or, as Alta Vista Babel Fish claims (and what would I have done without it?):

At the moment blog is migrating this. Blog to the new version of Blogger is migrating this. Inténtalo again within a little while.

Later Blogger told me, via Babel Fish:

It will be finished in a pair of minutes.

It was kind of like going through the Spanish Inquisition, only everyone is drunk and slightly confused about the general procedure.

Not to mention that I'd just taken two Darvocet to help me get through dinner without violent stomach pain. So I'm dopey, and transferring my blog, in Spanish.

For a perfect evening I really ought to go out now and operate some heavy machinery. In Spanish.