Friday, December 08, 2006


It is not always enjoyable being a studio artist. Sometimes, in fact, it is a grisly business. The part which involves actually interacting with other human beings. That is the part whereof I speak.

Time and again you even get rejection letters, to wit:

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your recent submission.

[Though we didn't ask for it, so the girls and I had a good laugh over it when it came across the desk.]

At the moment, we are booked for quite some time.

[Possibly, into infinity. The homeless man down the block has a better chance than you of being hired, and all he has to do is stand there with his hand out in a dramatic expression of neo-con oppression.]

If you would like to submit more images, artist resume & statement, we would be happy to review it & keep on file.

[We need more material; that last thing you sent in was hysterical.]

There are a number of other quality galleries you might want to consider in the future.

[Just don't come back and bother us.]

Person in Charge

I'd really prefer it if they just said: "No."