Friday, October 27, 2006


...fairy-baby sleeping in a flower. (click on image --twice-- to see the detail. The scan didn't do it justice this time.)

Again, this is last night's drawing. After sketching in the tree I drew in some knots and wormholes to make the tree look more animate -- to give it a face.

The fun part of drawing fairies is the poetic license it automatically gives you. Things don't necessarily have to be true or real. They just are. Because you said so.

Which is something I never got away with as a kid (I'm remembering when I made a dozen jars of colored water out of a watercolor set, then tried to sell the jars as "magic potions"). That's the fun part of getting older, at least for me. You get to play more, and hardly anyone ever tells you that your imagination is overactive.