Friday, August 11, 2006

got it!

Okay! So amusement park rides are out. So are stun guns, radio towers and assisting old ladies by the side of the road with their broken-down cars when the hood is open and the engine is still running (how a car can be broken down and yet still running is a detail we'll explore at another time).

I wore myself out, is all.

No arrhythmias were reported, which is excellent. As they explained it to me yesterday, my heart has the annoying (and yet, if you know me, somewhat predictable) tendency to be going along and along and then, suddenly, forget what to do. At which point it falls into Method Acting and begins imitating a spleen or an appendix. This is where the pacemaker steps in like a Hollywood director and holds up a big sign:


So, no biggie; my heart is motivationally challenged, but we already knew that.

I'm fine.

Last night we even went back to the Fair after spending the afternoon in the doctor's office, if only so everyone could show me the ride I'd been on and rub my nose in it and beat me about the head two or three times. I felt like a badly housetrained dog.

Got it. :)