Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a near collision

I highlighted my hair last night to hide the strands of white that are stringing along the hairline. (see new profile picture) Days like these, it's no wonder I'm going gray.

I was stopped in traffic at a red light behind a black pickup at noon when a dark green minivan comes careening off an exit ramp and sails right up to me. I can't see, in the rear view mirror, whether the driver is on a cell phone or changing a radio station or is otherwise engaged; all I can determine is that the velocity is remaining unchecked as the vehicle looms ever nearer.

It's an odd sensation, to be a immovable object for an irresistible force. There's nothing I can do and nowhere I can go. Before I can envision how crumpled my car is going to be after the van has plowed into me from the rear (and fortunately, I'm thinking, the kids aren't with me!) the driver swerves off the road and struggles along the shoulder until the vehicle comes to a full stop, neck and neck with me on my right hand side.

I lean forward, peering through my passenger window, as if to say: what the...? But then the light changes and I can move away, so I do, shaking my head. What'd they do? Just wake up out a reverie and realize they were still driving? Or what.