Saturday, June 24, 2006

I always had very short hair as a child. One of the main reasons being: when I'm nervous (and I was a very nervous child) I wind strands of hair around my index finger and sort of weave it back and forth until I've tatted it into a sort of uncombable, snarly lace. Hairdressers would give up and just cut out the knots in despair.

Now I have long hair and I resist the urge to tat it when I'm stressed.
Having said that: it must be a sign of my recently anxious state that I've braided over a dozen teeny, tiny little plaits in the underlengths of my hair. They aren't corded with elastic; I just have to braid them and then move on. I don't know why.

I need to calm down. I tried eating ice cream instead, but braiding is more relaxing.