Wednesday, July 12, 2006

does anyone have some Icy Hot?

Hi! It's me again.

I'm on my vacation. Right now I'm in football camp. Football is all about discipline. I'm sore today because we had a good workout last night.

When we last left off, Kirk and Jack were in Sir Van Bunny Buns' mansion searching for anything out of the ordinary...

Scene 4

(Interrupted by quiet footsteps)

Kirk: You hear that? (Whispering)

Jack: Get out your guns (Whispering)

(A guard walks upstairs and looks in the room)

Guard: (gasping) Intruders!

Kirk: Holy crap! Shoot him!

(Focuses in on the gun firing at the man)

(Close–up of Jack) (Wincing as the bullet hits the guard)

(The audience hears a peculiar “thump thump thump” as the guard rolls down the stairs, dead.)

Jack: Think he saw us?

(Kirk looks at Jack, pauses a few seconds, and slaps Jack across the face with his gun)

Scene 5

(Setting: At Sir Van Bunny Buns secret room in the manor)(Sir Van Bunny Buns is sitting in a chair that is
facing back to the camera.)

Sir Van Bunny Buns: (German Accent) Guards! Be on ze lookout for some peculiar pests that are intruding on my work.

Guards: Yes Sir!

Sir Van Bunny Buns: Now let me zee your evil laugh. I know you are capable of doing so.

Guards: (laughing kind of like they are weirded out) Heh heh hee…

Sir Van Bunny Buns: NO! From your bowels. Like zis. (Clears throat) (Does a pretty good evil laugh and then chokes on something.) Oh, (clears throat) maybe my laugh is kind of rusty, but let me zee you do it.

(Guards are gone)

Sir Van Bunny Buns: Eh… who needs zem anyway. What’s zat smell?

(Direct cut to- Kirk and Jack upstairs) (There is a knock from the closet door)

Kirk: (reading a newspaper) could you get that?

Jack: (sighing)

(Jack opens the closet door) (It’s a guard on the other side.) (Jack, with an expression that he’s just seen a ghost, immediately shuts the door)

Jack: (to Kirk) it’s for you.

(Suddenly, the closet door breaks off and the guard jumps out and starts shooting a barrage of bullets to Kirk and Jack)

Kirk: (both screaming, flip over a nearby table to shield themselves.) Wait until he’s out of bullets, (panting) then get out your guns and start shooting.

(The bullets stop)

Jack: you ready?

(Kirk stands above the table, but before he has a chance to shoot, the guard starts shooting another barrage of bullets) (Kirk, screaming, falls behind the table again.)

Jack: I don’t think he’s out of bullets.

Kirk: (Yelling) I KNOW!

Jack: Ooh! I just thunk!

(Jack holds up a nearby mirror to deflect a bullet, sending it back to the barrel of the guard’s gun and imploding the gun and the guard.) (No blood is seen.)

Kirk: You… thunk?

That's what I've got so far.

(by the way, Hi, Mom!)